Enterprise Adoption of Blockchain

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Deutsche Bank is focused on four applications of blockchain technology

  1. custody of digital assets, in other words, holding cryptocurrencies (such as bitcoin or ethereum) for clients
  2. asset tokenization of assets such as
    1. bonds
    2. private debt
    3. illiquid assets such as real estate
  3. digital case, i.e central bank digital currencies or CBDC
  4. post-trade settlement, aka settlement of securities trades

DB sees three "headwinds" slowing down adoption of blockchain

  1. lack of regulatory and legal clarity
  2. lack of development of technology
  3. concerns about interoperability

Regarding interoperability, they are concerned about two issues

  1. interoperability among and between different blockchains
  2. interoperability between (a) banks' legacy technology and (b) blockchain

They are eager to work with Chainlink in part because Chainlink offers a solution to the interoperability problem.

For more, see this interview with Sabih Behzad, head of digital assets and digital currencies at Deutsche Bank